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Type A Aquatist Trat – Housing Types

Type A: 13 villas – sea front with 3 bedrooms, 453 sq.m which 310 sq.m is indoors and 143 sq.m is outdoor terraces and balconies. Built on a 1,516 sq.m piece of land.

Type B Aquatist Trat – Housing Types

Type B: 7 villas – garden view with angles overlooking sea or lake. Each has 3 bedrooms, 610 sq.m which 307 sq.m is indoors and 248 sq.m is outdoors. Built on a 798 sq.m piece of land.

Pool Villa Aquatist Trat – Housing Types

Pool Villa : 6 villas – sea front or sea view with 2 bedrooms and 426 sq.m. Built on a 160 sq.m piece of land. All private pool villas feature a swimming pool (Style A – 48 sq.m, Style B – 48.5 sq.m and Style P – 34 sq.m), outdoor terrace and ‘sala’ or gazebo.

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